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Ted Rafferty

Location of Photo:

Gaithersburg, Mayrland

Date/Time of photo:

June 2007


Orion f/4.7 10-inch Newtonian using an SBIG 20000XM imager guided using an Orion ST80 using an DSI Pro 2 imager on a Losmandy G11 mount.


A image of M27 using Ha, OIII, L, R, G, and B filters. The color of M27 used Ha for red, OIII for the blue, and a combination of 20% Ha and 80% OIII for the green. The color of the stars used the LRGB image. Took 1x1 binned 900s exposures for the Ha and OIII filters, 1x1 binned 600s for the L, 2x2 binned 380s for the R and G, and 2x2 binned 480s for the B. Exposures captured using Nebulosity 2 and guiding with PHD. Image processing using AIP4WIN, DeepSkyStacker, Nebulosity 2, PixInsight LE, and PhotoShop.


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