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Kamran Janamian

Location of Photo:

Iran- Esfahan- Khamiran

Date/Time of photo:



Scope: Skywatcher 200 BKP with SW Coma Corrector. Autoguider: QHY5 Autoguider on Finderscope as my guide-scope on HEQ5Pro Mount. Camera: Canon 600D Modified with Astronomik Clear Glass. Filters: Astronomik H-Alpha 12nm EOS Clip. Astronomik CLS-CCD EOS Clip. Astronomik UV/IR cut EOS clip. Astonomik OIII 12nm EOS Clip. Software: PHD guide. Depp Sky Stacker. Photoshop CS5.


This is my first experiment with my filter sets of Astronomik. The site on Khamiran-Esfahan is fairly good, especially when filters used. Although M42 seems to be better pictured with HDR, but I wanted to get the ultimate power of my filters on my Modified CMOS sensor of EOS 600D. The picture is composite of 3*120s with UV/IR cut filter + 1*120s+1*180s with CLS-CCD filter + 1*60s+1*180s with H-Alpha 12nm filter + 1*60s+1*120s+1*180s with OIII 12nm filter. 10 Dark frames used and in stacking process HaOIIIRGB technique was used. (Ha as Red channel, OIII as Green Channel).


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