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Bob Franke

Location of Photo:

Chino Valley, AZ

Date/Time of photo:

1/7/2013 to 1/17/2013


Telescope: Takahashi FSQ – 106ED @ f/5 Mount: Losmandy G11 Camera: SBIG STF – 8300 Filters: Baader LRGB Exposure Time (s) Lum 390 min (39 x 10 min) Red 70 min ( 7 x 10 min) Green 90 min ( 9 x 10 min) Blue 120 min (12 x 10 min)


M45, the Pleiades cluster, is probably the most famous cluster in the sky. The cluster is easily visible with the naked eye. However, it is best viewed with binoculars or small telescopes. Although the cluster is also called the Seven Sisters, it actually contains over 3000 stars. Located in the constellation of Taurus, M45 is about 400 light-years away and only 13 light-years across.




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