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albert poncedeleon

Location of Photo:

carbondale, IL

Date/Time of photo:

January 13, 10 pm


61mm triplet sharpstar; ioptron ZEQ25GT; zwo294mc camera


This area of Puppis is full of DSOs. I captured a wide field view that includes the open clusters M46 and M47, and inside M46 is the planetary nebula (a small blue-greenish circle) ngc2438. A total of 1296" of live stacking with 300 Gain. M46 is 5,545 LY away and NGC2438 is about 1,370 LY away. NGC2348 is much closer than M46, to us, but its visual alignment makes it look like a part of M46. The cluster M47 is 1,624 LY away and its estimated age is 78 million years. Info source wikipedia.