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Niels V. Christensen

Location of Photo:

Copenhagen Denmark

Date/Time of photo:

5.->7. March-2010


Meade LX200ACF 16" telescope on wedge used with 0.5X Optec NextGEN Widefield reducer. An SBIG ST-8XME camera also used and mounted with astronomik LRGB filters.


The M51 color picture, LRGB, of this galaxy was taken 5.->7. March-2010. Additionally a 2" IDAS LPS filter was used to reduce the effect of the light polution in the Copenhagen Denmark area. Total exposure time ~5.5 hours, divided into LRGB 5. min. subs=39,10,10,10. CCDStack and Adobe Photoshop CS4 was used for picture enhancements. Deconvolution method tried as a trial on the stacked LUM layer and RGB layer before further enhancement performed.




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