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Peter Nerbun

Location of Photo:

Perry Hall, Maryland USA

Date/Time of photo:

Nov 13 2014 at 01:02 UT


C11 SCT, Orion Mini 50mm Guide Scope, Modified Canon 550D DSLR, Orion Sky glow filter, Celestron F/6.3 Focal Reducer, Orion EQ-G mount


This image shows M57, the Ring Nebula, on Nov 12 2014. Note the central white dwarf star surrounded by an area of green nebulosity. The green color is created by electrons re-combining with Oxygen-III ions thereby emitting photons having an energy corresponding to 5001 Angstroms wavelength. I used a C11 SCT, a modified Canon 550D DSLR to capture 104 sub frames each having an exposure time of 60 seconds at ISO 1600. The Moon remained below the horizon for the entire time of my image recording. To enable capture of M57 under my bright suburban sky I attached an Orion Sky Glow filter to my camera.




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