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Location of Photo:

Stouffville, Ontario, Candad

Date/Time of photo:

April 1 and April 2, 2021


Camera and Exposures: ASI294MC-P; 107x300s; -15C; 40 Flats 20 Darks Scope: ES208CF (8” F/4 Carbon Fiber Newtonian)


On the right side of my picture here, the Siamese Twins, also known as the Butterfly Galaxies, are a pair of colliding unbarred spiral galaxies located in Virgo constellation. The galaxies lie at a distance of 59.4 million light years and are members of the Virgo Cluster. They have an apparent magnitude of 10.9 and an absolute magnitude of -13.3. They are called the Siamese Twins because they appear to be the same shape and size. Recent studies suggest they were indeed in the process of colliding, with the highest rate of star formation occurring in their overlap region.




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