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Location of Photo:

Carranque, Madrid, Spain.

Date/Time of photo:

5th July 2018, 23:30-00:45 Local Time


SW130PDS+AZEQ5+QHY168C+Baader MPCC+IDAS LPS D1+30mm mini Guide Scope+ASI385MC


M7 neighbourhood with globular cluster NGC6453 plus dark nebulae Barnard 283 and 287. 20x180s subs with darks and bias applied. Postprocess with PixInsight.


Image of Raymondggregory


July 11, 2018 at 7:33 am

This is a nicely processed image. Application of the subs, darks, and bias frames eliminated any banding that may have been produced by either the CCD chip or light pollution. Exposure times nicely reveal the interstellar clouds and dark nebulae. There appears to be some tracking error evident, particularly around the edges of the image. How were the diamond shaped star images in the center cluster acquired? Is this a blooming issue, or were the spikes added in post processing?

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Image of Mario Rascon

Mario Rascon

July 11, 2018 at 3:32 pm

Hi Raymond,

No it is not a blooming issue, I do use a SW130PDS, it is a tyny reflector, an authentic bargain imager for those not wanting to invest a fortune on a ED80 or APO refractor. The spikes come from the spider itself.

The tracking error is evident, I also have suffer in the past some coma on the squares as it is hard to set up the correct distance between the Baader MPCC and the QHY168C sensor.

Best Regards.

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