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Location of Photo:

Julian, CA

Date/Time of photo:

November 4,5,6 2021


Planewave CDK24, L600


Object 2 of 2 from my October/November dark cycle. Here I used 5-minute L subs to help expose more of the very bright core. The spirals emminating from the core looked to be a bit stronger in the R channel. 45 minutes of screened Ha helped highlight that. All processing uses 2x Drizzle to help increase resolution for a narrow shot. (-: "Initially identified as a nebula by the French astronomer Pierre Méchain in 1780, M77 is one of the largest galaxies in the Messier catalog. It is located in the constellation Cetus at a distance of 45 million light-years from Earth. M77 is a prime example of a Seyfert galaxy, or a galaxy with an intensely active center that is obscured by gas and dust in visible light. Only one supernova has been detected in Messier 77. The supernova, named SN 2018ivc, was discovered on 24 November 2018 by the DLT40 Survey."