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Chuck Manges



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Date/Time of photo:

August 22,2012 10:00 EST


Telescopes: Orion ED102T CF Triplet Apochromatic Refractor & Orion ST-80T Refractor Cameras used: Canon T3i & modified Canon T3 Filters: Astronomik OII & Ha clip-in filters Mount: Orion Sirius German-equatorial Computerized Goto Mount Guiding:Orion Starshoot Autoguider and 50mm guide scope


The Lagoon Nebula #8 of Charles Messier's "not a comet" list,the Lagoon Nebula is a cloud of ionized hydrogen estimated to be 4000-6000 light years from earth. It can be seen with the naked eye as a gray/green patch in the constellation of Sagittarius.The center or core is illuminated by a hot,massive bluish star with an output one million times that of our own sun, most of which is ultraviolet radiation. Right of the center of the photo can be seen NGC 6530, an open cluster of young stars formed from material within the nebula. Processed in false color & cropped to emphasize the core region.


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