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Frank R Uroda

Location of Photo:

Jeddo, MI

Date/Time of photo:

November 20, 2006


Equipment list: C-11 scope Older G-11 mount (totally rebuilt and tuned by me) with FS2 goto and ESCAP steppers TCF-s focuser Optec 0.5 reducer ST2000XM with 2020 imaging chip and 237 guide chip CFW8 with A-Don LRGB I series and 13nm Astronimik Ha All housed within my Black River Observatory near Port Huron, Michigan


This is my rendition of M-81, also know as Bode's Nebula. I spent 3 nights collecting data for this image during a week-long clear spell. This is a beautiful and relatively close spiral galaxy. Look closely and you can see that something has disrupted one of the spiral arms. It appears that the arm is lifted away from the galactic plane. Perhaps it was an interaction with it's neighbor, M-82?


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