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Matteo Vacca

Location of Photo:

Milis, Italy

Date/Time of photo:

27/06/2018 22:26


​GSO 0.20 m Sky-Watcher NEQ-5 Pro SynScan mount ASI 120MC + IR/UV cut filter ZWO IR/UV cut filter


Here i'm again on one of the most fascinating and extreme object of the universe, the elliptical galaxy M87 in the Virgo constellation, famous and constantly observed and studied in all the frequencies of the light spectrum for the presence of the relativistic jet produced by the supermassive black hole in its core. The image is the product of two nights of observation. The galactic halo surrounding the nucleus is clearly visible as the jet of matter with a length of 5000 light years, expelled from the black hole at speeds close to that of light.




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