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Rod Pommier

Location of Photo:

Pommier Observatory, Portland, OR, USA

Date/Time of photo:

2013-06-29 through 2013-07-01


Telescope/Mount:Celestron Compustar C14 with Astro Physics 0,75x reducer (f/8.3). Camera: SBIG STL 11000 CCD camera with Baader Planetarium LRGB filters. SBIG AO-L adaptive optics @ 8Hz. Exposures: L:R:G:B=410:50:50:50 minutes=9 hours 20 minutes total exposure.


While M13 is obviously the most famous and widely viewed globular cluster in Hercules, few observers bother to make the short jaunt to view the second great globular cluster in Hercules M92. M92 is a Shapley-Sawyer class IV globular lying 26,000 light-years from Earth. The galaxy MCG7-35-58 at upper right, lying about 500 million light-years from Earth, produces an incredible depth of field.




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