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Craig & Tammy Temple



Location of Photo:

Hendersonville, TN

Date/Time of photo:

March 18 & 23, 2010


Celestron C8 Schmidt-Cassegrain at f/6.3; Atlas EQ-G, guided; Canon Digital Rebel T1i, Hap Griffin Baader modified; Astronomik CLS-CCD EOS Clip; 101 x 180sec @ ISO 1600 (5hr. 3min.); 31 x 120sec @ ISO 400 (1hr. 2min.) for the core


M94 (NGC4736) is a colorful magnitude 8.99 spiral galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici. What makes this galaxy interesting, is the presence of 2 ring structures. The inner ring appears to be an active star-forming region, while the outer may be an accretion disk. It was discovered in 1781 by Pierre Méchain and cataloged by Charles Messier only 2 days later.


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