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Location of Photo:

Bogot√°, Colombia

Date/Time of photo:



SC LX200UHTC 254mm @ f/28 ASI120MM + RGB @ 3574/2346/1056 frames @ 38/26/11 fps


With a seeing that was improving throughout the night I have acquired two good pictures of Mars, to few days of the opposition. The largest apparent size and the good seeing allow to observe surface details of the planet. In the first image Elysium region is observed with abundant cloudiness in Hyblaeus Extension, near the central meridian. At North the Utopia region is observed. In the NCP Lemuria is observed quite bright near the central meridian. In the second image the region of Syrtis Major is observed and to the south the Hellas region is observed with quite bright cloudiness. Cecropia is not so bright. The images have a time interval of 3 hours and the image quality is better in the first.




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