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Saber Karimi

Location of Photo:

Shahdad, Kerman, Iran

Date/Time of photo:

31 oct 2022


Canon 6DII-24mm lens at f/2


“These days, Mars is in opposition and almost is at zenith at midnight, the best position for observation away from atmospheric distortions. In the center of this photo, Mars glows red-orange among the winter constellations above the Mars-like surface. Here called “Gandom Beryan”. Located in Lut Desert, center of Iran. According to NASA’s Earth Observatory, One of the hottest places on planet Earth. MODIS data showed that the temperature here often reaches 71 degrees Celsius, which makes no animals or plants live here. Due to the high heat, you can go to this area only 2 or 3 months of the year. This area is covered by black volcanic rocks in different sizes. Unlike here, although Mars is not a hot planet, but the mood and appearance of this area reminds the viewer of Mars. It is as if you have stepped on another planet, like Mars. At the top border of photo a part of Gegenschein is visible.