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Studied and imaged by Dr. Armando Lee, Bamm Gabriana, and Rochelle Derilo



Location of Photo:

Gubat, Sorsogon, Philippines

Date/Time of photo:

11/09/2006, 00:08:48 UT


Apex 127mm f/12 telescope, Orion glass solar filter, LXD75 AT mount + PC164C-EX CCD camera + KIWI-OSD video time inserter + Garmin 18 LVC GPS with a Canon ZR200 video camera as the recorder.


The image shows the 3rd Contact occurring at the frame whose exposure began at UT 00:08:48 and 117 milliseconds and ended 00:08:48 and 133 milliseconds using PC164, Garmin 18 LVC GPS, and KIWI-OSD video time inserter. GPS location was 12 55.2068 N and 124 07.4334 E at elevation 27.0 m. Explanation of the numbers: 00:08:48 is the time in UT 117 milliseconds is the time exposure of the frame began 133 milliseconds is the time exposure of the frame ended 69898 is the frame number




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