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Sergio Eguivar

Location of Photo:

Buenos Aires Suburbs

Date/Time of photo:

September 2021


8" Orion Optics UK Relfectos, TeleVue Paracorr, QSI 583 WS, SW NEQ6


M62 is known for being one of the most irregularly shaped globular clusters in our galaxy. This might be because it is one of the closest globular clusters to the center of our galaxy and is affected by galactic tidal forces, displacing many of the cluster’s stars toward the southeast. M62 has an extremely dense core of 150,000 stars. In 2013, astronomers discovered a stellar-mass black hole in M62, one of the first to ever be found in a globular cluster. According to observations from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, M62 also contains a large number of X-ray binaries, which formed in close encounters between stars in the cluster.