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Taha Ghouchkanlu

Location of Photo:

Iran, Lorestan

Date/Time of photo:



Canon EOS 6D


In the above photo you can see milky way rising moments over Azgen wetland in Lorestan province. But if it is night why is the scene so bright? Why is the sky background seen in light blue color? The answer is so simple; moon light is lighting the background scene beautifully and uniformly. The reason is the same as sun light scattering light to the atmosphere during day and cause lightening the sky, at night reflecting sunlight from surface of moon and reaching its light to Earth atmosphere and scattering sunlight by more nitrogen molecules and less oxygen molecules caused it in short wavelengths of visible light seen in blue (Rayleigh scattering) and even for the same reason you see seas and oceans in blue. Although I should add if the moon phase will be too much, the sky background at night will be too bright and you can't see too many stars. Proper moon phase to capture nightscape with background details is between 15% to 50% Moon phases, 3rd to 7th the month solar month (21 to 26 lunar month).




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