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Location of Photo:

Shahr-e Babak, Kerman, Iran

Date/Time of photo:

Date: 2019 June 02 Time: 04:56 am


Canon 6D Modified Canon 70-300mm Lens @300 f5.6 1.8 sec ISO 800


On our way from Shahr-e Babak to Kerman in Iran, there is a Highest Point that offers a panoramic even below horizon landscape. This is 2nd June 2019 and we stopped in search of a %1.5 Moon! Using some apps we find the bright planet and then the morning twilight reveals the seamless Crescent of the Moon! Breathtaking and even challenging moments brought us the bright light of the day. Finally, we found it and capture the thin white crescent in the marvelous colors of the sky. Technical Details: f5.6 1.8 sec ISO 800