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Markovic Nedeljko



Location of Photo:

Novi Sad, Serbia

Date/Time of photo:

2008 08 01 11h42min CET


Scopos 80/560mm at HEQ5 and PCVC840K webcam


As this was not a total solar eclipse for my location (Novi Sad, Serbia), I decided to do imaging with a webcam instead of DSLR, and than to make the animation of the event. With webcam I simply don`t have vibrations as with a DSLR. At the begining I took a 240 sec AVI - wanting to be sure to get the first contact, and starting it at 11h10m CET. Than I went for a shorter 3sec one each 30sec. At the end for the last contact again I went for a longer AVI, this time starting at 12h34m. Before I started processing AVIs, I extracted 3sec AVIs at 1/2 min intervals from two big ones, ending with 182 JPGs total. I started preparations and processing for animation, but due to bad alignement of my mount, I have manualy to realigne each image with the second one, and that is a loooooong way to go. So at this time I decided to post this single image of "MoonMountainsHangingDown", pointing at some nearest craters. This JPG is from a 11h42m AVI. Imaging was done from the roof of the bildin I live in (8th floor equiv.). AVIs were preprocessed in Registax3 and VirtualDub. Postprocessing in PS E2.


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