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Grass Valley Ca,

Date/Time of photo:



Canon 500mm F4 lens mounted on Astrophysics 1600 GTO mount


This image was taken using 5nm Ha, O3 and S2 filter . Ha(16 at 300 seconds, 10 at 240 seconds) O3 (20 at 240 seconds) S2 (28 at 300 seconds) Total exposure time 340 minutes. The image was processed using HDR techniques in Pixinsight and combined using the Hubble Pallet (S2->Red, Ha->Green, O3->Blue). Note the background stars were subtracted out and the stars from the LRGB version were added back in. To fit the image into the requirement, it was shrunk 85% down and compressed. The original image is 9425x6193 pixels after cropping (~59mega pixel). The dimmest stars are 2x2 pixels across making for a lot of detail. The tiff version of the image is ~350megabytes and a low compressed Jpeg is 28 megabytes should you want the more detailed image. The image was processed with Pixinsight using HDR techniques to preserve the dim areas without blowing out the bright areas. If you want more details or images of the setup let me know.