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Saber Karimi

Location of Photo:

Bozhan vilage, Kermanshah, Iran

Date/Time of photo:



Canon 6DII-Pentacon 135mm at f/4


A scene from an autumn night in the forests of western Iran, the Central Zagros that it is being destroyed by cutting trees in these recent years. as you see, the famous north American nebula is setting down and shinning faint -like what is seen with the naked eye-, because human eye can not see wavelengths other than visible but this nebula shines more in other wavelengths. that flares are not a meteor, it's a blinking satellite. this photo was a challenging experience for me because it was captured with the basic equipment; no-modified camera, no star-tracker, with a home-made lens converter and old Pentacon 135mm MC lens. this is a double exposure, with same lens, position and direction, then blended together. Sky: 6 seconds at ISO 16000, stacked of 12 frames for noise reduction. Foreground: 30 seconds at ISO 12800