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Gary Opitz

Location of Photo:

Chili, NY

Date/Time of photo:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 - midnight to 4 AM


telescope: TEC 140 APO, camera:Canon EOS 60Da, mount: Orion Atlas, Orion 80 mm Short Tube guidescope, Orion Starshoot guide camera. 3 hour total exposure consisting of 50 subs at 3 minutes each and 20 darks, no flats or bias frames. A light pollution imaging filter was used as the image was taken from a red zone light polluted area.


NGC 281 - also known as the Pacman Nebula,is an emission nebula located in Cassiopeia. Its about 10,000 light years distant. The dark clouds and globules are regions of dust where star formation is occuring. Imbedded in the nebula is the open star cluster IC 1590.


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