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Location of Photo:

Julian, CA

Date/Time of photo:

February 2,3,4 2022


Planewave CDK24 and L600


The Julian California skies during January and February weren't great. I could only capture 2 objects during a handful of nights with clear and steady skies. For NGC3486 I was able to gather 3 hours of each color channel (good!) but only 4 hours of luminance with FWHM around 2" (no so good). Some lengthy deconvolution sessions (200 iterations) lowered the stacked luminance FWHM from 2.17" to 1.28". "NGC 3486 is a barred spiral galaxy with an inner ring and loosely wound arms. It's located about 27.4 million light years away in the constellation of Leo Minor. It’s apparent size measures 6.6′ x 4.7′ and it shines at mag 10.5. This is a borderline, low-luminosity Seyfert galaxy with an active nucleus. However, no radio or X‑ray emission has been detected from the core containing a "small" supermassive black hole less than one million times the mass of the Sun."