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Frank R Uroda



Location of Photo:

Jeddo, MI USA

Date/Time of photo:

2nd week of March, 2007


C-11 scope Older G-11 mount (totally rebuilt and tuned by me) with FS2 goto and ESCAP steppers TCF-s focuser Optec 0.5 reducer ST2000XM with 2020 imaging chip and 237 guide chip CFW8 with A-Don LRGB I series and 13nm Astronimik Ha All housed within my Black River Observatory near Port Huron, Michigan


FINALLY a break in the horrible Michigan weather! I never waste a good night and the past two have been no exception. This is my rendition of NGC-3953. I grabbed the L channel last week and the RGB just the other night. 13x15min unbinned for the L channel, and about 7x10min binned 2x2 for the RGB. Comment more than welcome! ---Frank Rocketman Uroda


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