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Derek Santiago

Location of Photo:

Morristown,NJ USA

Date/Time of photo:

4/30/10 - 5/6/10


Imaging CCD: QSI 540wsg. Imaging Scope: 10" LX200R Guide camera: SX Lodestar Guide scop: SVR90T Filters: Astrodon 5nm OIII and Ha, LRGB


The Cat's Eye is a planetary nebula in the constellation Draco. The bright central core is easily observed in any telescope of moderate aperture. The extended outer halo, which spans more than five light years across, is rarely seen even in long exposure images. This image is a result of a composite of more than 13 hours of both short (1 minute) and long (20 minute) subexposures, which was required to capture the full dynamic range of this very complex nebula.




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