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Location of Photo:

Carpegna, Italy

Date/Time of photo:

August 29th 2022


SkyWatcher Newton 200mm f/5 with Atik 4000 LE. 18x420 L, 3x420s RGB


The galaxy NGC 6946, also known as the Fireworks Galaxy due to the large number of supernovae discovered within it, is a beautiful spiral galaxy located about 10 million light-years away. Nearby, but only apparently, there is a cluster of stars: NGC 6939. In reality, this object is part of our galaxy and it is enormously closer, at only 3800 light-years from us. This area of sky, between the constellations of Cepheus and Cygnus, lies in the galactic plane. Because of this, both objects are immersed in a faint dust nebula; in fact, the sky background of much of the image appears gray and not perfectly dark


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