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Location of Photo:

Eden, NY 14057

Date/Time of photo:

06/19/2022 / 12:00 AM


Explore Scientific 80 mm Apo Triplet, Sky-Watcher USA EQ6-R Pro, Canon T6i (modified), & Optplong l-eXtreme filter


First light with the L-eXtreme filter and first attempt trying to process an image in the pseudo Hubble Palette. Was able to get autofocus and plate solving working. Messed around with exposure settings while waiting for NGC 7000 to rise high enough. Started imaging around midnight. Wind settled down and guiding was excellent. Data looked really good so kept going until 3 am. I really struggled with processing this as a "straight RGB image". Tried the "Hubble palette" for dual narrowband techniques. After multiple attempts, this result is (by far) my best image. Super excited!!