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Peter Nerbun

Location of Photo:

Perry Hall, Maryland USA

Date/Time of photo:

October 2017 over 5 nights


C11 SCT, On-Axis Guider (ONAG), ATIK 460EX main imaging camera, Lodestar X2 guide camera, Losmandy G11 mount, ZWO EFW Mini Electronic Five-Position Filter Wheel, Luminance, Red, Green & Blue filters, IDAS LPS-P2-48 light pollution filter, HSM Stepper Motor for Starlight Feather Touch fine Micro-Focuser, Digital Boss II Focuser Control System, F/6.3 Reducer, Spike-a Flat Field panel


This is my image of galaxy NGC 7331 together with 4 other galaxies collectively referred to as the Deer Lick Galaxy group located in the Pegasus constellation. These galaxies range in distance between 49 and 490 million light years from Earth. NGC 7331 is often referred to as the Milky Way's twin due to its similar appearance; this galaxy is about 30% larger in diameter than our own galaxy. I captured this group of galaxies with a C-11 SCT over 5 nights in October 2017 using LRGB color filters on the following dates; please note the exposure times for each filter and the number of frames per filter on the dates specified: Luminance: Oct 19 2017 -- 13x4mins= 52mins Luminance: Oct 21 2017 -- 12x8mins + 1x6mins= 102mins Red: Oct 17 2017 -- 18x4mins + 2x5mins = 82mins Green: Oct 20 2017 -- 18x4mins= 72mins Blue: Oct 18 2017 -- 26x4mins = 104mins Total Integration Time = 412mins = 6.8 hours




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