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Rod Pommier

Location of Photo:

Pommier Observatory, Portland, OR, USA

Date/Time of photo:

2014-08-25 through 2014-09-03


Celestron Compustar C14 SCT with Astro Physics 0.75x focal reducer (f/8.3), SBIG STL 11000M CCD with Baader Planetarium LRGB filters, SBIG AO-L Adaptive Optics at 8 Hz. Exposures: L:R:G:B=560:10:100:100:100=11 hours 40 minutes total exposure


NGC 7331 is a spiral galaxy about 50 million light-years from Earth. The image field contains 4 other spiral galaxies in the background by chance alignment. Those galaxies are about 500 million light-years from Earth. The entire group is known as the Deer Lick Group. Numerous other galaxies that are even more distant are visible scattered throughout the frame.




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