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Kenneth Brassard

Location of Photo:

Lynn, MA USA

Date/Time of photo:

12/20/2022 at 8pm EST


Orion Xt10g goto Dobsonian Alt/Azimuth ZWO 294 MC ZWO EAF focuser, Optolong 1.25" L-Enhance Dual Narrowband Light Pollution Filter


My target for the evening was NGC 891, The Outer Limits Galaxy, which I’ve tried for before but until recently it was just too low in the sky for some detail. (BONUS: There are several smaller galaxies that showed up in the final image. I’ve not annotated them all, but I did label one, NGC 898 at a distance of 274 million light years away) I started this hobby last year, at the age of 62. You're never to old to learn new things, especially with the assistance of the entire astrophotography groups jumping in and helping out with answers to questions and advice on how to improve,