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Fabiomassimo Castelluzzo

Location of Photo:

Sant'Oreste (ITALY)

Date/Time of photo:

5april2008, 23.00 l.h.


Newton SkyWatcher 10inch f5. Coma corrector.Canon 350d. Autoguide magz on eq6 pro,using refractor 70 900 as guide scope


The region around NGC 4005 (about 30’X 25’) is quite interesting. Are present many galaxies and on the sud west side, the ARP138. All galaxies in the field are not more than 3’. For example, NC3987 is 2,2’X0,4’ and magn is about 13. It is a an interesting result at 1200 mm focal length. Image is 102 minutes total exp and each subexp 3 minutes at 800 ISO, with Canon 350D and Newton SkyWatcher 10inch f4,8. I used Baader coma corrector and IRIS software under quite polluted sky near Rome.


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