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Rod Pommier

Location of Photo:

Pommier Observatory, Portland, OR

Date/Time of photo:

2008-08-01 007:01 UT


Compustar C14 SCT @ f/7, Canon EOS 20D


NGC6992, the brightest portion of The Veil Nebula, is the remnant of a supernova that occurred 10-15,000 years ago. Its amazing filamentary structure may be due to compression of expanding shells of gas as they meet the resistance of the interstellar medium. The fact that the nebula is sweeping up interstellar dust as it expands is evidenced by the visibility of more faint stars on the lower right side of the nebula than on the upper left side. Exposures were 30 second unguided sub-frames calibrated with dark frames and flat fields. Processed with MaxDSLR and Photoshop CS2


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