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Location of Photo:

Hoegaarden, Belgium

Date/Time of photo:

July 24


DSLR Nikon D5100 Old Vintage '70-ies 200mm F/4 Nikkor IDAS LPS D1 HEQ5


A very pleasant night with high temperatures 22 °C which is good for me but bad for noise. So I decided to image on ISO400. The North-Americanebula and the Pelican Nebula fit nicely into the frame of the old vintage 70-ties 200mm F/4 Nikkor. Because it is fairly scharp at the edges I did not stop it down any further. The IDAS D1 light pollution filter was screwed on top of the lesn with a reduction ring 55mm to 50mm. This resulted in a little bit of vignetting. I left the old HEQ5 unguided do it's work, and actually should have done a better job either by guiding either by polar aignment. I lost several frames for which the shcarpness was not ok. Bassically I'm pleased with the result as the H-Alfa comes out pretty well for an unmodified sensor (Nikon D5100). It also demonstrates that results do not need an SQM 21+sky. This was a foggy summer night in Hoegaarden with SQM 20,30 at zenit.




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