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Location of Photo:

Zarrin Oasis - Yazd - Iran

Date/Time of photo:

16 Feb 2021 - 9 p.m


Canon 6D Modified Camera ISO 4000 16-35 @21mm Canon lens f/2.8 15.00 sec Single Shot


Surrounded by date palms clustered around fresh water pool in the middle of desert. Zarrin mud-brick village is an oasis located on the northern edge of the Rig-e Zarrin desert in Iran. Zarrin /It means "Golden" in Persian Language/ is one of so few human settlements in central desert Dasht-e Kavir in Iran which has many potential surprises and things to do near Yazd. I captured this photo when the moon was at 20% in a cold night in the middle of desert. There was a cold breeze and Date Palm trees rustled slowly close to the ruins of adobe houses. This is my trilogy of Orion over the oasis and I used the 3 types of shooting: Normal, Star Lens Filter, Diffuser Lens Filter




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