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Bartolomeo Montrucchio



Location of Photo:

Torino, Italy, near city center

Date/Time of photo:

17 August 2012, 21.51.47 UT


Refractor Celestron Omni XLT 120 on a Vixen GP, motor in RA. Point Grey Flea2 FL2G-13S2M-C with a Televue Powermate 2,5x for a final f20.83. 304 frames of 133ms, about 100 stacked by means of Registax 5. Images taken with AstroIIDC. Final processing with Photoshop. The image has been enlarged three times to have comfortable size.


The photo shows Otto Struve 410, in particular its components A,B and C. Separation of AB is 0.9". Excellent seeing (9/10 on Pickering scale, 15 knots of wind at the 300 mb level (Unisys Weather)), SQM 17.7. The C star is 8.72; in the complete image also D component (10.02) is present, but here the image has been cropped because of the very strong difference between A and D, about 20 times which makes visualization very difficult. Separation is between rod shaped and figure eight, very good result for the 120mm; spherical aberration is present, but rings are clearly visible.


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