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Location of Photo:

Ayr Ontario Canada

Date/Time of photo:

September 10 2022


Esprit 150ED, ASIAIR, ASI2600MM, EQ8-Rh Pro, Astronomik 6nm SHO filters


NGC 281 - This awe inspiring emission nebula in Cassiopeia contains an open cluster accompanied with several Bok globules that appear to swim in a cosmic ocean rich in molecular hydrogen, sulfur and oxygen. Captured over several nights throughout late August and early September, more than 21 hours of the very best 12 minute subs were selected to reveal the exquisite detail in this mesmerizing region of the night sky. Last year, I watched James Negri on the DSO Imager channel process this image. I was so impressed with James's image that I decided to add the Pacman Nebula to my list of objects to capture in 2022. The data was surprisingly clean and bright which was a pleasure to process.