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Kathleen Kingma



Location of Photo:

Hawes Road in Mesa, AZ

Date/Time of photo:

March 10, 2013 7:22 pm


Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 300mm L and 1.4 extender.


The skies over Phoenix finally cleared for a test run to see if PanSTARRS could be seen thru the city haze. I had just about given up when the folks next to me with great big binoculars spied the comet much higher in the sky than predicted by any of the published sky charts. I'd love to report "What a Sight", but in fact I could ONLY see it with the camera sensor... could barely see it with binoculars and certainly could not see it with my bare eyes. Tomorrow I head west away from the city haze and light pollution.


3836 E. Coconino St


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