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Premjith Narayanan

Location of Photo:

Kingdom of Bahrain

Date/Time of photo:

26th December - 6:31 AM


Canon DSLR Camera EOSR connected to Canon 400mm F2.8 IS II


The Sun in Bahrain rose with the eclipse itself. The Annular Solar eclipse was partial. As the event was during the sunrise captured the scenes without the solar filter itself . During the phenomenon the colour of the sky varied from dark pink to red and to orange. During the initial phase of the event a wall of cloud blocked the eclipse and so we had the view of the partial eclipse rising from behind the clouds. It looked as if a horn of light was rising up from below. We named it “Rhino’s Horn” . I captured this handheld (without a tripod) with a 400mm F2.8 IS II to cover the horizon event. As the event was in the sunrise l did not use the solar filter so that I could get the reddish hues.




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