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Sergio Montúfar



Location of Photo:

Sacatepequez, Guatemala

Date/Time of photo:

august 13


sony a7 + 28-70mm


The Perseid Meteor shower. The image shows the erupting Guatemalan Volcán de Fuego under 4 Perseids. The sky shows Alpha Cignus and Alpha Cepheus. The Volcano of the right is Acatenango and it shows the lamps of the climbers. The clouds didn´t stop me from getting my gear into the car and find a dark site with something incredible to mix the perseids with. My goal was to get the erupting volcano under the meteor shower. I found this place to be safe and away from light pollution but it was facing northwest, I coudnt get the volcano facing north because the only avialable spots were covered by clouds. The weather conditions on the night of aug 11-12 where really bad, however the night of 12-13 there was a storm in the south side of the country that cleaned the area from clouds alowing me to chase the meteor shower and get this image. There was a 30 minute trecking throught a river path and find the perfect location. After finding the location I set up the gear and start with timelapses. The image is a composite image from a timelapse secuence (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N1d39yCUZc&feature=youtu.be)




Image of Mike Olason

Mike Olason

August 17, 2017 at 4:18 am

That is one of the most amazing images that I have ever seen. An active volcano, 4 Perseids, 2 nice blue stars and the clouds truly make this image very special. Hopefully S&T will recognize this image in their magazine.

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