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Location of Photo:

I took the photos in my private observatory in my Hometown in the Black Forest (Germany).

Date/Time of photo:

I took the photos on the morning of March 20 2015.


The photographs in white light were taken with a Canon DSLR on a 2.8-inch refractor (60mm at 600mm focal length). The images in the H-alpha light were taken with a TIS-camera equipped with a 2.8-inch refractor Coronado Solarmax60 (60mm at 355mm focal length), and the images in the CaK light were taken with a Point Grey Grasshopper3-U3-28S5M on a Lunt CaK telescope (focal length 500 mm, hole: 60 mm, width of 2.4 Å at 393 nm).


In good weather conditions, the solar eclipse on 20 March 2015 has been observed at Furtwangen in the Black Forest (Germany) as a partial eclipse with a coverage of approximately 77%. I used three parallel-mounted telescopes to document the phases of the eclipse at the same time in white light, in h-alpha-light (656nm) and calcium-light (389nm).




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