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Victor C. Rogus

Location of Photo:

Jadwin, MO

Date/Time of photo:

06/10/2013 @ 21:40:20 Local Time


This image was made on 06/10/2013 at 21:40:20 in Jadwin, Missouri with a Cannon 60Da camera, a Zeiss manual focus 50mm lens at f1.4 a 0"4 second exposure using an ISO of 640. camera on tripod method.


The Great Conjunction of Planets is joined by the Moon as the Great Stars, Pollux and Castor look on from above. A beautiful evening here in Jadwin, Missouri. The songs of Whippoorwills filled the air as the Sun began to set. Another chance to follow, "The Great Planetary Conjunction of 2013" The Moon and Venus were easy to spot but Planet Mercury was a bit shy at first hiding behind a cloud for at least a quarter hour. The bright Stars of Gemini, POLLOX and CASTOR shone through the thin clouds sometime before Mercury did.


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