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Location of Photo:

Montrose, Colorado

Date/Time of photo:

7/18/21 3-4:30 AM


Sky-watcher Quattro 8" newtonian, Sky-watcher HEQ5 Pro, Canon 60d full spectrum mod with UV/IR filter and sky-watcher coma corrector, Guided with Orion 30mm ultra mini guide scope with the Orion starshoot pro mono camera


I was able to get some images of of pleiades to test out my new setup i recently got it is 14 180 second exposures it is only 42 minutes of integration but was surprised to see i had captured a meteor in one of them I'm assuming it is from the Perseids. I did have to add the meteor back into my final stacked image because I could not get PixInsight to keep it into the final stack i do have the single exposure if necessary.