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12/17/2022, 7:39 PM CST


iPhone 12 Pro Max, Targus tripod


The sky mostly behaved during the Austin Astronomical Society's (Texas) public star party at Pedernales Falls State Park, Texas on December 17, 2022. There were about 60 guests who braved the chilly temperatures (chilly for Central Texas). The Star Theater at PFSP has a Stonehenge-like formation marking off the four cardinal points. There's an obelisk in the center that is oriented so that a hole near the top points directly at the North Star, Polaris. The lazy “M” constellation above the obelisk is Cassiopeia which is the wintertime pointer constellation to locate Polaris. I spent about 15 minutes taking various pictures with my iPhone to get Polaris centered in the hole. This is my best shot. I'm quite satisfied with it! Single image, iPhone 12, on a tripod, night mode for 25 seconds. This photo was adjusted in both iPhone and Photoshop to bring out the stars and sharpen the image.