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Ken Vaughan

Location of Photo:

Cattle Point, Victoria, BC, Canada

Date/Time of photo:

22 Jan 21


12" Meade LX200GPS, ZWO ASI178MM, Astronomik 642 filter


We come to the northernmost crater in the Ptolemaeus Chain, Ptolemaeus (154 km) itself. A grand walled plain, Ptolemaeus is probably the oldest of the three craters in the chain. Its walls are heavily eroded and worn. It contains a wealth of little craters, along with the prominent crater Ammonius (9 km) northeast of centre. The crater to the north of Ptolemaeus is Herschel (41 km), a bowl-shaped crater with steep slopes. West of Ptolemaeus, you can see Catena Davy, a string of craterlets, and to the east another string of craterlets, but unnamed.


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