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Ron Frisk

Location of Photo:

Canyon Lake, Texas

Date/Time of photo:

12-29-14_1:00 AM CST


Deep Sky Instruments RC14C Ritchey-Chretien Telescope SBIG STL-11000 Camera with STL-FW8 Filter Wheel 1 each 60 second exposure, LRGB


This "once in a millennium" photo by Ron Frisk of C 2014 Q2 Comet Lovejoy's Fly-by M79 NGC 1904 on Dec. 29th at approx. 1:00 AM CST was taken near Canyon Lake, Texas. Lovejoy was Magnitude +5 at 44 million miles distance. M79 is a dimmer and smaller +8.5 magnitude globular cluster of mostly red giants 41,000 light years from us. It is outside our galaxy 60,000 light years from it's center.


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