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Hal Heaton



Location of Photo:

Chilescope-Telescope 2

Date/Time of photo:

24 November and 3 December, 2019 (moonless)


ASA 0.5-m field-corrected Newtonian (f/3.8)-Telescope 2; Camera: Unbinned FLI ProLine 16803; Filters: SII, H-alpha, OIII, R, G, and B; Exposure Time: 10-min (narrowband images were stacked for 1-hr)


This narrowband image renders the southeastern portion of the Large Magellanic Cloud’s supergiant shell LMC-4 in the Hubble Color Palette, using CCDStack2 and Photoshop CC 2019. Spanning 1583 lys on a side, the 32- by 32-arcmin field shows the frothy brownish (Ha, SII) superbubble NGC 2014, itself 650- by 325-lys in extent, that was blown by the massive stars of an OB-Association embedded within the bright nebula along its eastern edge. It is accentuated by the blue light of OIII. Colorful wisps of nebulosity and distinct shock fronts dominate the region to the northeast of NGC 2014. Roughly 100 lys to its east lies the reddish-blue Wolf-Rayet bubble, NGC 2020. That nebula’s bright inner ring spans 74 lys in its longest dimension. Approximately 700 lys to the northeast of NGC 2020 lies the beautiful bluish-white star-forming complex encompassing NGC 2032, 2035 and 2040. A broadband RGB image was blended into the scene to produce naturally-colored stars. North is up, and East is to the left.


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