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Location of Photo:

Camby, Indiana

Date/Time of photo:

Jan 22, 2020


ED80 and ASI1600;


Telescope: Explorer scientific Ed 80 FCD-100 Camera: ASI1600pro Filters: Astrodon E series SHO Mount: Atlas EQ-G Guiding camera: 290 mini OAG SHO: 14:46:50 at 2 min with extra 35 min of Ha at 5min subs. Total integration time: 4.25 hours Seeing/ environment: 1.8- 2 arc second Bortle Class: Class 5/6 Backyard~ Central Indiana Dates of acquisition: 12/8 and 20/2019: 1/14, 1/22/2020, processing Pixinsight: Considerations. MULTIPLE nights with good alignment (2 degree error allowed in SGP) flat and dark calibration on 12/22/19 off but salvaged and rotational errors requiring the crop you see synth lum pulled Aligned all to each other. Crop DBE to individual frames then PIX combine with the following formula to allow HA in all 3 channels 10-15 percent RGB workflow~BGN~ MLT for Noise reduction Lum workflow~decon with autopsf 40 iterations 5 layers; MLT for noise reduction HT for both with Bg at 10%; TGDVN and a restretch to bring up the black point MANY MANY Curves with color masking script masking for lightness and sat boost XPTR with Lum mask for lum boost; LHE for sharpening. Morph to reduce the stars just a bit and ICC to end.




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