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Location of Photo:

Ellington, CT, USA

Date/Time of photo:

Feb. 4, 2019


Orion 8"Astrograph, Modified Canon Rebel T5i DSLR, Orion Atlas EQ-G, Optolong CLS Filter, Astrophotography Tool with Dithering every frame.


I took 60 light frames (90s each) with a total integration time of 1.5 hrs. Additionally I took 30 flats, 30 dark-flats and 30 bias frames. I do not take any dark frames. My region is classified as Bortle scale 5-6. I used Pixinsight for all processing; from stacking to stretching to noise reduction and bring out star colors. During the imaging session the camera sensor temperature was between 61F to 65F.


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